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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Altered Art Encaustic Jewellery

As by now all the necklaces have reached their new homes (as I gave/sent them to some dear friends for Christmas) I can finally share some pictures of them with you.

I adore the encaustic art and workshops of Shari Replogle from Plays With Paper and have done two of her online workshops so far and loved them!
So when I recently found some old wooden and ebony dominoes at a flea market I knew immediately what I was going to use them for!

And as I feel a bit lonesome, useless and cut off today this might be a good time to write a post on my "more serious" art blog (as I love to call it). Do you know this feeling (well, I guess everyone knows and encounters it from time to time) when you question everything you do and have done so far? When you doubt that anything you make or have made has ever made an impact or been important to anyone else than yourself? And even if you know that these feelings might be caused by something as simple as PMS or fatigue, you just can't help it?

Well - obviously it is one of these days for me today and instead of endless sitting in front of my laptop and waiting for something coming my virtual way to distract me (or simulate that I am "in touch" with the world out there (or at least someone)) it might be better to stop waiting (as you know exactly that you are in a kind of "freeze mode" and the only one who can help you out of it is yourself) and act.

So here are some images of the encaustic pendants and I loved making them! They are rather small and I worked on two at a time - so I could add colour or detail to one while the other was cooling.

The first pair is made of wooden dominoes and I used bees wax that had some Dammar resin added to make it harder and more durable.

Colour was added by brushing on Pan Pastels and working them into the stamped in texture.

The second pair was made of two smaller ebony dominoes and I used some guilding flakes underneath which shows through at the edges mainly.

The hanging was made of a small piece of linen ribbon which was fixed to the domino with the hot wax. Once it had cooled down it turned into a stable loop I could attach some jump rings to.

I also used some crackle paint underneath the wax and some old book pages I had glued on to give the wax some tooth to hold on to.

To finish the pieces off I applied hints of guilding wax around the edges to add a little delicate sheen and highlight the beautiful textures.

I so enjoyed playing around and creating these! I hope you like them too!



  1. I love the idea of looking at a neclace that looks back, wonderful as always.EE

  2. Super Claudia, ich bin nicht nur stolzer Besitzer und kann es täglich bestaunen und bewundern lassen, jetzt weiß ich auch, wie du das Schmuckstück gewerkelt hast. Liebes Dankeschön an Dich!! Kerstin xx

  3. Hello Claudia,
    Oh Yes, I can so identify with your feelings. I am rather lethargic myself with my creativity at the moment, but I will come out of it.
    Your Dominoes are a little quirky.....can I say this? The encaustic effect looks amazing, I have thought about trying out this technique myself, but it is only in the thought stage, it has to pass a few more stages before I create anything. Thanks for inspiring me once again.

    1. LOL...of course you can say they are quirky, Sue!

      Especially as I think so too. Especially the ones that are looking (staring?) back at the beholder... ;)
      You will love encaustics! Promise!

      Claudia x

  4. Oh Claudia! Yes, I know the feeling too- it seems to be less and less as I get older though- so hang in there your time will ease that.
    I do want to say that your thoughts on your posts and your continual flow of outstanding art- has touched me - it has reached across miles and gives me inspiration and makes me oooo and ahhhh and drag my husband into view it, all the while saying- "I wish I could create like Claudia" !! So , my dear friend, relax, and know that there are those of us who adore you and your art , some may not say so, and then others like myself drool over my keyboard and pour my heart out to you!! teeheehee My only wish is that we lived closer to have art play dates together! your biggest fan ") xoxo Jackie

  5. Hi Claudia, I would only be repeating myself to tell you again how much I love your art. The eyes say it all, love them and the great texture. Have a good crafty week, Angela x

  6. Claudia these are awesome! And, yes... I do know the feeling. The best thing I can do than is go for a long walk. Everything seams to fit to it's place then and I feel less unimportant, more alive, full of will to create and don't give a s*** of what anyone thinks. :)
    Carry on, girl!

  7. Tolle, kleine Dinger..und was da nicht alles drauf paßt! Ich habe mal einen kleinen Keilrahmen mit Wachs gestaltet und fand ihn nicht gerade rühmlich. Jetzt muß ich ihn wohl wieder hervor holen, denn so schlecht macht der sich gar nicht, neben deinen Dominos.Da waren wohl meine Erwartungen zu hoch... oder es fehlte ein Auge *lol* Wenn ich nach deinem Geschreibsel mal auf mein Inneres lausche, gibt es da auch ne Menge das rumort. Ich arbeite gerne und trotzdem merke ich, das mir ein zweiter, freier Tag in der Woche fehlt.Man braucht ab einem gewissen Alter immer länger zur Erholung. Im Netz fehlt mir die Inspiration. Ich habe schon lange nichts mehr entdeckt, das mich aus den Latschen haut. Darum hängt man auch länger vorm Computer und findet...Workshops die man dann bucht (:o) Dauermüdigkeit ist auch so ein Thema, aber das geht selbst meinen Kunden so....muß also am Wetter liegen. So....du bist im Ski Urlaub und schmeißt mit Schnee....ich werde in ein paar Stunden ein wenig mit Popcorn zum Super Bowl um mich werfen. Ski Heil!

  8. Amazing work! I just love it!

  9. Wie cool, die sind ja toll geworden.