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Claudia - aka "die amelie" x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

So many ideas, so little time, so very procrastinating!

Seems I either have to learn to live with the fact that Christmas season is the time when something deep in me refuses to do any Christmas cards or Christmas home decorations or learn to already start in October so I will be done by the end of November.

It's the same with selfmade presents. I have started some, but then didn't like the idea or the outcome (as I mostly tend to think of my stuff not being good enough to make a worthy present for Christmas), redid them, had them already wrapped up for putting them with the mail and then took them out again to make some adjustments or changes....sigh. That's me I am afraid.

So here I am - slightly starting to feel that certain panic creeping up my back because there is still a lot of cleaning up to do before "Christkind can come visit our place" without finding cobwebs in the corners of my living room and dogs hair in almost every spot under the furniture. Not to mention the dusting around (or even under? really?) my treasures on my writing desk (which my husband tends to call "dust collectors") that most of the time leaves me with indulging in sweet memories connected to them....

I read somewhere on facebook these days (shouldn't spend so much time there either) that someone's mother in law uses to throw glitter at the cobwebs in the corners instead of dusting them maybe I just have to adjust my point of view on this?

But instead of at least trying to start with one or the other agenda on my list I am doing stuff like this:

Can you believe it? This is going to be a wide canvas with a summer-y flower meadow in full bloom (seen from an insect's point of view) and I have never before enjoyed diving into colour (especially the greens), painting and doodling that much! And of course this happens when I should be finishing my presents, doing white on white, glittery Christmas goodness or baking cookies or planning this year's Christmas dinner.... can someone, please, hit me in the head? lol

But I am sure you know that HAVE TO finish this painting because you so want to find out how it will look when it is done!!! Will it spread the feelings you wanted it to? Will it tell the story you had in your mind while painting? Will it form a complete piece of art that is more than just the sum of its components? Will others see in it what you wanted them to see and discover? So many questions and such an unknown outcome....could you do boring household stuff or concentrate on finishing up Christmas presents with questions like these at stake? And knowing that you definitely SHOULD, doesn't help. I can tell!

Guess I will have to lock up my studio so I can get (and stay) in Christmas preparations mood and enjoy this lovely and peaceful season of the year. But maybe I do need that summer-y meadow in full bloom to counter all the grey in grey and the cold wet weather... well, all I can tell is that I will try to do my best. Whatever that is. ;)

And for a finish my word of the day: procaffeinating = drinking coffee while procrastinating! That's so true, so me (and sadly a very addictive thing to do)...



  1. Claudia I am in the same place as you re christmas, your post made me smile because I could have written it.
    Your canvas is fabulous!!
    Amanda x

  2. Oh Claudia!! You made me laugh aloud!!! Forget those dog hairs and dustbunnies!!!
    Christmas season is about family and friends - spending time with loved ones while we can!!! The house and all of it's dust will be there long after everyone has come and gone-just like the memories you are sure to make with less stress!
    continue to take that time painting like you are- maybe it will give you the inspiration you want to bake a few batches of cookies...and decorating? Put up a few things this year- go simple so not to stress yourself!
    And as for your presents...a homemade present is always my favorite gift to receive and I am sure any and all that you make(whether or not you think it is worthy enough) will be greatly and graciously received by all who are receiving!! And that's what I have to say about that!!
    Dear friend, your canvas is beautiful and magical- just as the season presents- magic! Go with it and keep enjoying that journey!! Huge hugs from afar!! xoxo

  3. the new word!!
    procaffeinating!! the best!

  4. Claudia, I totally agree with Jackie, just relax and enjoy! Doing something you love like this amazing art piece, will bring you much closer to the real spirit of Christmas!!! Don't be too hard on yourself!!! Oh and enjoy your coffee, no better coffee than Viennese coffee in my book :) Happy Christmas!!!

  5. Alles klar, deshalb gibt es also noch keine Plätzchen im Hause Claudia ;-) aber ich kann mich meiner Vorschreiberin nur anschließen, das ist der eigentliche Sinn der Weihnachtszeit, anderen und sich selbst eine Freude zu machen und keine Sorge, die anderen verstehen das auch und Geschenke sollen von Herzen kommen, das ist entscheidend! Wenn es dir gut geht, strahlt das ab und der Rest freut sich mit. Also ergo alles goldrichtig gemacht und deine Blütenwiese ist ein kleines Kunstwerk geworden, fantasiereiche Strukturen, lebendige Farben und tolle Idee mit den Textilstengeln! Der Naturfreund in mir bestimmt schon die einzelnen Blütenarten, mal sehen, ob ich richtig liege :-)
    Noch ein kleiner Geheimtipp: kräftig durchlüften, verteilt den Staub besser ;-)
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen 3. Advent LG Kerstin xx

  6. Procaffeinating sounds all too familiar at the moment... and I'm definitely suffering from it. Having a hard time re-entering the rest of my life after the work in New York... and feel like I'm constantly on deadlines and catching up, when really what I want to do is play, free from any of it. I applaud you for pursuing your flowery meadow - and the results are stunning!
    Alison xx